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Referral Program

"Woof"erral Rewards

At Poo Patrol, we’re not just about keeping yards clean; we’re about building a community of happy pets and even happier pet parents. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our “Woof”erral Rewards Program, designed to thank our loyal customers for barking about our services to their pack. For every new friend or family member you refer who signs up for our waste removal services, you’ll receive 2 free visits on us. It’s our way of wagging our tail in appreciation for your support and trust.

How to Unleash the Benefits

  • Step 1 – Spread the Woof: Let your friends, family, and fellow pet parents know about the difference Poo Patrol has made in your yard. Share the scoop on our services and how we’ve helped you enjoy a cleaner, safer outdoor space.

  • Step 2 – Mark Their Spot: Encourage your referrals to sign up for our services. They just need to mention your name or use our referral form below.

  • Step 3 – Tail Wagging Confirmation: After your pal’s first cleanup, give us a bark to confirm you’ve referred them. We’ll sniff around to verify the referral and then credit your account with 2 free visits on us.

  • Step 4 – Reap the Rewards: Enjoy your 2 free visits on your next Poo Patrol service. Whether it’s a one-time cleanup or part of your regular service plan, your yard will thank you (and so will your wallet).

Ready to Earn Your “Paw”erral Rewards?

Join our “Paw”erral Rewards Program today and start turning your referrals into rewards. With Poo Patrol, you’re not just cleaning up your yard; you’re earning credits while helping your friends and community enjoy the same clean, safe outdoor spaces your pets love.

Let’s Keep Our Yards Clean, Together. Fetch Your Rewards Now!

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